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Our Story

Our mission is to reduce consumption and enrich local communities socially, environmentally, and financially by increasing access to existing resources. 

Our vision is to meet consumer demand with a convenient alternative to mass consumption.

We also believe in the power of collective action, and we’re part of a growing momentum to expand our horizons by pooling our resources. We realized that we need to adapt how we live in order to move forward, and we said, “Hey, let’s try ‘n go for a better world!” Tryngo’s story is the story of people coming together to work toward a common goal and to share with each other along the way. It’s the story of seizing an opportunity to live richer in every way. It’s your story too, and you can join us by building your own sharing community. Let’s try ‘n go together!

Tryngo enables you to monetize your underused objects, services, and space, but we are so much more than just a peer rental company. We’re about bringing communities closer together through sharing and connecting in real life. We’re about adapting consumption patterns, reducing waste, and maximizing efficiency. Most of all, we’re about moving forward to a bright future.

Share for Change: Investing in communities is our social responsibility

Tryngo’s motto is ‘Share for Change’ and this idea is at the heart of what we do. This is why, right from the start, we are pledging 5% of our revenues to support communities in need. We’ll be partnering with non-profits operating on the ground to provide community-shared resources that will tangibly improve people’s lives. We want to provide shared solutions to collective problems for the benefit of the entire community.

We’re excited to bring our users along on this mission, because we know that they care about ‘doing good.’ We’re calling this initiative the Neighborhood Sharing Project, because Tryngo works best when we build entire neighborhoods that share with each other. So the more you share in your neighborhoods, the more other people will be able to share what they need in their neighborhoods. 

Like this we can all truly share for change!


Tryngo is a global platform helping your community come closer and share. We can all make a difference by adapting our consumption behaviors, which will benefit you as individuals, as well as your community, country and the whole planet. So don’t wait any longer to take that first step into the future.

Our Team

  • Umer Ali CEO / Founder

    Optimisation has been a driving force in the life of Umer Ali. Coming from an IT background in various public and private structures, he has spent his life in optimising operations via technology. A strong believer of continuous improvement, he nurtures his teams to constantly challenge the ordinary and build extraordinary solutions for their user base.
    Umer brings 15 years of business analysis, process improvement and management experience to Tryngo, backed up by a clear vision of our future consumption model.

    “If an executive from a manufacturing company thinks that all households will have his products in their cupboards, he must go back to school !“

  • Yannick Bouvard Head of Communication

    Exchange is an essential part of being human. We all need to share and exchange with each other. And in these difficult economic times, those who open themselves up to the world will enrich themselves in a human, social, and even economic way. It is with this approach that Yannick Bouvard leads his professional and personal life.
    Tryngo responds to this philosophy by allowing us to reduce our consumption while continuing to take advantage of innovations in technology and services for daily life.

    “Benefit from life in a virtuous manner.”

  • Alexandra Jolobova Faure Marketing & Communication Assistant

    Alexandra Jolobova Faure is driven by two seemingly opposite notions: adventure and organization. Originally from Russia, she moved to France as a child, which helped her to adapt to any situation. After completing her undergraduate studies in Communication, Alexandra is currently pursuing a Masters in Commerce. 

    Her adaptability and sense of adventure have enabled her to be courageous in the face of change, while her core values have provided a constant structure to guide her forward. Alexandra’s openness and communication skills bring a fresh perspective to Tryngo.

     “Never be afraid to try new things. If you don’t, you’ll never know what’s possible.” 

  • Mary Vinat Marketing & Communication Assistant

    Mary Vinat loves to learn new things, which is why she decided to continue her studies  in marketing and communication at the University of Westford in Geneva. A native of the Haute-Savoie, Mary is discovering the wordforce for the first time while working inside the first Swiss sharing platform. 
    At only 20 years old, she hopes to bring a youthful and dynamic vision that will allow Tryngo to better understand the needs of the next generation. 
    "Living simply is building the future."

  • Maxson J.Y Tee Business Development UK

    Maxson J.Y Tee or Mr. T with double E, is an aspired entrepreneur and full-time explorer. Love to travel and meet new people. A BEng Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering graduate from Glyndwr University and MSc graduate in Engineering with Finance from UCL. Co-founder of a little café while studying and previously involved in various sales and marketing as well as managing roles. Passionate about social innovation with the integration of technology.  

    There are enough resources for everyone on the planet if only everyone learns to share. I am hoping to broadcast Tryngo to the right target audience and allow sharing of all underused resources more conveniently and efficiently. Simultaneously, connecting like minded individuals within communities. 

    “Live a life free of should’ve and could’ve” 

  • Humèra Nayyar Digital Marketing

    Humèra loves taking care of others , being helpful , giving to others by making their life comfortable. These qualities pushed her to seek range of experiences in Paris, London and now Geneva. Addicted to chocolate and social networks, she is always up for challenges and paying attention to details . She is contributing to the evolution of Tryngo by mixing the collaborative economy to the digital world . Working at Tryngo made her realize that our current consumption patterns are causing major environmental problems : waste of such resources. Today the collaborative economy is for her a new way of seeing the world.

    "Life is really simple, to live happily live it simply "

  • Rose Ngo Lindjeck Prospecting & Communication

    Originally from Cameron, Rose moved to Geneva at the age of 13 to pursue her studies. Her taste for humanitarian trained her to undertake studies in International Relations. However, lack of  employment opportunities, she joins the High School of Management of Geneva where she is now in her final year of Bachelor in Business Administration. Rose is very open-minded, and quickly adapts to new environments. She also likes challenges, and this is what motivates her to do a one year exchange program in Canada as part of  her Bachelor. With Tryngo, Rose wants above all to invest herself in spreading the philosophy of sharing economy advocated by the Swiss start-ups. In addition, having chosen business communication as a major option for her final year, Rose wants to learn more about communication methods, prospecting strategies and marketing. 

     "Any change requires awareness and effort" 

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  • Own something useful that doesn’t get used often enough? Make a listing and help out a fellow user. Your camera, tent, stroller, even your textbooks, can be rented out for a good price. Your stuff has never been so valuable.
  • Wish you had access to budget-friendly services? Hire a fellow user and add a richer dimension to your life. Language and music lessons, photography, wi-fi. Get access to what you need.
  • Need a place to call your own for a few hours, a few days, or more? Find the perfect space while you’re on the go. Work, party, relax, and tuck in to a home-cooked meal wherever you are. This is your neighborhood.
  • Want to share some home-grown flavor? Organize an activity and meet interesting, new people. Festivals and concerts, food and culture, hidden treasures in your neighborhood. You know how to create a truly authentic experience.

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