My account is blocked. Why?

There can be various reasons by which a user account is blocked by tryngo administrator. The best option is to contact us on

I am unable to sign in, what to do?

If your login and password are correct and you are still unable to sign in, please contact us at

I do not receive emails from tryngo.

Make sure to check that the emails are not in the spam folder. Also check which email you have entered in your personal dashboard.

What is tryngo

Tryngo is a platform allows users to share object, services, activities and space around their community. By sharing, users can participate in reducing global consumption actively but also earn money for the shared resources.

How can I use Tryngo on my mobile?

Tryngo website is designed to adjust to most screen types.

How can I block certain members from my account?

Tryngo is an open and transparent platform. Your public information is available to all the users. Personal information is only shared at the time of the transcation. You can also select to accept or not each booking.

What personal information will be shared once I put an announcement?

No information is shared amoung the user community apart your generic user information (user name, location, etc.). Only users that booked your objects or services will be provided your contact information in order to carry out the transaction.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can reset your password by selecting Forgot Password option in the Log In page.

How can I protect myself from any frauds?

Tryngo has put in place several verification mechanisms before a user is able to create an account. We also encourage our users to provide feedbacks, negative or postive, in order to build a strong e-reputation of each and everyone. At the end of the day, the best way to protect yourself is to make sure that a third party is reliable. It is like in the normal life, don't get involved in a transaction which looks too good to be true. In short, common sense is the best way of protecting oneself.

How can I pay the transaction commissions for Tryngo?

Tryngo has a user friendly interface to carry out your payments. We accept all major credit cards.

Do you offer delivery services?

Tryngo doesn't actively participate in the transcation but provides the platform.

How can I get the notifications by Tryngo via sms?

You can contact us at The mobile notification functionality is charged on a monthly basis.


Will my information stay confidential?

Tryngo values your security immensely, that is why the complete site is encrypted using the SSL protocole.

How can I add my photo?

You can add your user profile photo from your personal dashboard --> view/edit profile section.

How do I manage my account settings?

You can view and modify your account settings via your personal dashboard once you are logged in.

How can I modify my email address?

You can update your email address from your personal dashboard --> View/Edit Profile.

How can I delete my account?

Please contact us on

What should I do in case of problem on the website?

Please contact us on

How to remove an evaluation?

Unfortunately evaluations cannot be removed by yourself. If you feel you have been evaluated wrongly, contact us at and we will take appropriate actions.


What to do when a seller doesn't respect booking?

If a seller doesn't respect booking, you can cancel the booking in your dashboard and leave a comment on his listing.

What is the payment deadline defined by Tryngo for the buyers?

The buyers have to pay as soon as the booking is concluded, at the latest in the end of the transaction date/time. The seller and the buyer may need to agree on when and how to pay before the transaction.

The buyer did not return the item in a good state.

Tryngo is not liable for any damage to your objects during the transaction. Once a damage is reported tryngo will contact both parties and try to find an arrengement. If no arrengement is found between the parties tryngo will unilateraly propose a solution which will become binding for both parties.

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My password is refused, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by selecting Forgot password in the log in page.

If you think someone has changed it without your agreement, contact us on

I have not received a SMS for contact verification

You can request another SMS for contact verification after login.

I have not received the activation email yet

Have you checked your spam section ? You can request another activation link after login.