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5 post-sales commandments!
5 post-sales commandments!
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New clothes, new shoes, new gadgets are in your house – you were 3 out of 4 individuals to participate in winter sales 2016! During this time, you enjoyed spending your time and money, choosing beautiful things and doing good business, but do you really need all this new “stuff”?

Don't say that promotions don't attract you... major sales are available only twice a year, so how can you resist? It is with this mindset that retailers influence customers in order to push people to make more purchases and often unnecessary purchases.
Ultimately what is bought is bought, so we must find a way to make reuse all those unexploited objects. And the sharing economy is here to help you to use your useless purchases!


So Tryngo proposes to you 5 post-sales tips:


1) Do some inventory of your purchases

It’s time to open your cupboards and sort your news acquisitions. Search everywhere to designate things that are unused for you.

2) Ask yourself: "Am I ready need it"? 

Transform yourself into a "Sherlock Holmes" of useless stuff. Find clothing or items you bought for the following reason: "It was such a good deal! I can’t miss it!" Try your new clothes, new gadgets and test it out. So why keep them with you, it may be useful to others.


3) Determine the renting price

Often the period after sales suddenly becomes an off-peck period, then this is the perfect time to earn extra money by renting what you don't use while keeping it at home. So after selecting all your new purchases (what a torture!), it's time to determine the irresistible prices and earn a little money.


4) Find a perfect moment to rent your items

Now, your move. But when? It is difficult to know the right moment to do good business, despite that, their are better moments than others. Usually, the beginning of the month or the period before holidays are best times to earn some money.


5) Tryngo answers to your desires  
 After following the four rules, don't forget to bring your Tryngo ID and to put your listings on the platform.

The sharing economy is useful for everybody and at every moment of your life. Let yourself be tempted

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