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Carpooling with Tryngo
Carpooling with Tryngo
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What would a collaborative platform be without innovative and practical features? The answer is nothing. This is why your favourite sharing site will never stop exploring new solutions tailored to your daily needs. 


Carpooling has become one of the necessary practices required to achieve resource conservation and community empowerment. As a result, Tryngo has just released a new feature whereby one can register or find carpool ads. 


But what is carpooling? Carpooling is a way to optimize the movement of people within a same city or area, by meeting and travelling with others in the same vehicle towards a common destination or direction. Generally, this is done within neighbourhoods or through sharing networks. Carpooling presents only advantages:


The simple yet genius principle behind carpooling is that passengers share the cost of transportation. Instead of paying a taxi by yourself whilst travelling in the same direction as the other hundred vehicles around you, using the same vehicle with other people is economically beneficial for both passengers and the owner of the vehicle. Passengers save what they would have otherwise spent for alternative options, whereas the vehicle owner will gain the financial return of his/her travels tracked in the Tryngo platform. 


In the long term, carpooling will significantly reduce road stream of traffic by avoiding traffic jams and endless search for parking. 


Carpooling allows people from the same district or different neighbourhoods to create friendships and even professional relationships. Sharing inspired human harmony, which emerges when contributing to a common good. Also, why be alone when we can be in good company? 


Better use of cars 
No doubt. Carpooling will allow owners of MPV or minibuses (among others) to make full use of their vehicle, by transforming an every-day activity to a profitable service, helping others save and sharing experiences, without needing to create a brand new specific economic activity. Needless to say however, the owner yet remains master of the car and has therefore the right to set conditions during car usage, such as banning smoking, pet allowances, etc. 


Environmental impact
Hope this is already something you know about us at Tryngo. We are mainly focused on building relations through community engagement whilst minimizing the impact we have on the environment. Effectively, sharing allows for the value of non-consumable objects to increase instead of relying upon unnecessary consumption. In terms of carpooling, it is a means to reduce pollution and long-term road wear. Vehicles are one of the leading causes of air pollution and carpooling becomes a small yet powerful action towards a sustainable network.  

As a result of the vast range of advantages, carpooling is widely practiced in Switzerland amongst business colleagues to get to work or between neighbours for standard trips: home to office, home to school, etc. But it can also be performed outside of national borders and for other purposes. Let creativity have no constraints! Nowadays, globalization has allowed for international presence in most countries. Not everyone is native or holds the same nationality within one same area. Carpooling then becomes an agreement of mutual trust between each sharing participant. 

Tryngo’s mission is to facilitate this trust through a secure and reliable service that does not limit itself to simple carpooling, but to a responsible conscience of the sharing vision.  Tryngo encourages sharing responsibility and caring for the generations to come. To mention just one of Tryngo’s most recent initiative, Tryngo introduced a carbon footprint calculator allocated to each sharing operation which seeks to enhance environmental awareness in communities.  

Carpooling is an excellent example transforming the benefits of the sharing economy in real time, promoting effective sharing collaboration.  


What are you waiting for! Sign-up now on Tryngo and start sharing :) 

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